Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Woeful Wednesday

I started looking up linky parties for Tuesday, just to have something to do, when I realized with a jolt that it was not, in fact, Tuesday, but Wednesday!  I guess laying around in bed with your laptop watching hospital cable will do that to you.  No, I am not in tip top shape this week, it would seem.  After 4 days of excruciating (but home-based) abdominal cramps, I am now celebrating my 2nd day of hospital awesomeness (think clear liquid diet, plastic mattress, IV fluids - my personal favorite, and constant requests for vitals, blood, and "can I get you anything?"
Not that I'm complaining...  Well, yeah, I am.  But it could definitely be much worse.  The diagnosis, though kind of scary sounding, doesn't appear to require anything drastic in treatment.  I almost feel like a phony being here.  Just passing my time drinking Gatorade, watching a little TV, trolling the net, and missing my babies, but kind of enjoying the general quietude. 
I had serious plans last week of getting my {p.h.f.r.} and 7 Quick Takes done on Thursday and Friday - Thursday got away from me, and Friday was the start of this current little adventure.  I've now resigned myself to a little non-multi-tasking (really non-tasking altogether) rest time, and the distinct possibility that I will miss out on the last trip to my parents' "cabin" before the sale closes at the end of the month.  It's the one place that always really felt like a vacation away.
My guys' cutie patooties, one month pre-Jelly Bean 

I raise my jello snack cup to "The Soo" and the St. Mary's River - We will miss you!

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