Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Veni Sancte Spiritus!

--- 1 ---
Maybe I need to rethink the timing of my Quick Takes posts.  The first thing on my mind is always how tired I am, or whether the coffee has kicked in yet, or how strange it is if I'm feeling more awake than usual.  This also leads me to question just how much sleep my body may need to function regularly and what it is I'm doing to short-circuit that.  My 2-year old never wanders around asking for coffee or letting me know just how sleepy he is.  (Wait, he did ask me to "lay down" this morning - which, after some questioning, ultimately translated to wanting to snuggle.)  Maybe it's something in the water.
--- 2 ---
Vaccines have been on my mind a lot lately.  And the last thing I want to do is spark a big online debate/controversy about it (Who am I kidding?  It's not like I have a huge readership!)  But I am trying to get to the bottom of whether or not I think they're safe enough for me to entrust my children's health to.  At one time in my life, it seemed like the only people who didn't have their children vaccinated were a little strange, maybe a little fanatical.  Now the people I meet with this viewpoint don't seem so crazy.  I don't think they changed.  I did.  Now I just need to sort out the facts in my mind and come to a conclusion (with my husband's full cooperation, of course).  The question of morality also comes into play, considering the media in which many vaccines are developed.  Surely this is an issue every pro-lifer must take note of.
It would seem that in a debate like this, there are only a few possibilities.  One or both sides are misinformed, manipulating for the sake of money or power, or the two sides haven't figured out quite where the line is between their belief sets, where maybe both are on to something.  So many sources of information are completely one-sided and sometimes even self-contradictory. 
--- 3 ---
I just had to go extract my son (the one who's always asking me to put his sister back down for a nap the very second they're both up in the morning) from the very same Pack'n'Play that his sister was already occupying.  The very same Pack'n'Play that she was admitted to for the sake of happy and separate play space.  Why are toddlers so fickle?!
--- 4 ---
Between the vaccine deliberations and our new toothpaste, I can't decide whether I'm getting all crunchy (am I even using the term correctly?) or completely paranoid.  Not that anyone would suggest that a chemical-y lifestyle is ideal, but how far is too far and how much is ok?  For instance, if I really think soda is not good for my body, why am I still drinking the stuff?  What is an opinion worth, if you don't do anything about it in regards to the way you live your life?
--- 5 ---
On the lighter side, I may actually be getting somewhere with my gardening, which has taken over my life since Mother's Day weekend.  That's what happens when your version of celebrating Mother's Day is going plant shopping with your mother and daughter and buying a ton of bare-root plants that you have not yet prepared garden space for.  Hey, it was fun!  And I'm decidedly blessed to have a husband that is ok with me spending so much time on gardening while (sort of) neglecting the inside of the house.  Love you, hubby!
--- 6 ---
I love how my son loves books (and he even has good taste!), but if I have to read The Little Engine That Could, or Animal Strike at the Zoo 30 more times today, I may go nuts.  Or at least on strike myself.  It's kind of funny to have conversations (with other adults, that is) that end up with you quoting entire sections of children's stories.  It's almost like a crazy party trick or something, except it leaves your audience a little in question of your sanity.  C'mon, it's impressive, considering half the time I can't remember my own birth-date!  Maybe we can expand my little guys repertoire.  Or if nothing else, we'll just hide the books in question for a few days until he latches on to another title.

--- 7 ---
This weekend is Pentecost - come Holy Spirit!  Considering the list above, I have many things to pray to the Spirit and ask for wisdom and peace.  Speaking of, check out Pray More Novenas - we've been doing one to the Holy Spirit that ends tomorrow.  It's a great way to work a few more devotions into your pray life without a lot of advance planning (always great for me)! 
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  1. I went through the vaccine dilemma earlier this year. (posts here: and here: I am ordering the ethical alternative for the infant vaccine and my son has not been for a 2 or 4 month check up... I am just waiting for the pharmacy to call and tell me the vaccine is in, but it's been a few weeks, so maybe I should call them...

    1. Thanks, starrball!
      I definitely found your posts and links helpful - and encouraging! It seems like every time I think I'm starting to solidify my position on this question, something else pops up to make me doubt myself. I'm hoping our pediatrician will be patient with us for now and not push anything on us before we can be comfortable with the decision we end up making.
      Thanks for doing your homework (research! yea!) and even more thanks for sharing it!