Thursday, May 17, 2012

I love it when I'm wrong! (Ok, just sometimes...) {p.h.f.r.}


 I have spent the last two summers cursing my Jane Magnolia's lack of flowers.  The first summer I pretty much expected it (gotta cut it a little slack, right?), the second I blamed it on the dog for tearing branches off during the winter for entertainment (the very same, very active dog that only lasted 8 months with us before we realized that having a dog during pregnancy was tough enough, never mind having said dog while caring for a newborn and a toddler - he has a nice home with someone else now).  This spring, as I saw other saucer magnolias blooming and looking so beautiful, I looked at my own miserable bush and said (yes, I talk to my magnolia) "Look at all these other magnolias - why can't you bloom like them?  What's wrong with you?!?"  (I know, I better not ever talk to my children this way, comparing them to each other - or the neighbors'...)
Then to my surprise and delight (maybe Miss Jane took my criticisms as a personal challenge), it suddenly started blooming!  3 buds have opened so far with 5 more on the way!  I apologize, Miss Jane.  You're awesome!


My little sweetie is such a happy girl, and baby feet are oh, so delightful anyway.  This picture just makes me smile.  :0)


Don't really have a picture for this one - my little guy has suddenly started substituting "No, thank you." for his typical "Nope" or No!"  I'm not really sure how this happened (though we just visited Grandma and Grandpa), and I'm certainly not complaining, but it does through you for a loop when you're expecting a full-out "NO!!!" followed by a tantrum and all you get is a calm "No, thank you."  It's hard to argue with such politeness, so he got out of eating his broccoli and mashed potatoes at dinner last night (of course, he usually does, just with more screaming and thrashing involved).  Doesn't work for everything though...
"Ok, time for your bath."
"No, thank you."
"Don't you want to play with your boat?  You love your boat."
"No, thank you."
"Nice try."


I'm hoping to improve with my blogging - as in, posting more regularly and not trying too hard to be inspiring, teach a lesson, or artificially profound.  I think it has to do with my constant temptation to be important or a model for others.  You get to be a role model through genuine holiness and living love in your everyday life - it's what happens along the way, not something you set out to do.  So, I'm going to try to take this slow, start simple and put it in my planner for each day.  Maybe someday this blog thing will evolve into something others take notice of, but for now it can be something that God can use to transform me!  I mean, that's why I gave it the name Reflecting the Brightness, right?
Here's to starting slow and being real!  :0)

round button chicken


  1. I have wanted a magnolia for years and scolding it sounds perfectly reasonable! I can relate to your thoughts on blogging. It kind of feels like a message-in-a-bottle type of thing. It can be very intimidating if you feel like you have to shake the world with every post!

  2. I love those baby toes! Great photo :) Makes me smile too.

  3. I found you! Those baby toes are even cuter in person. :-D

    1. Eeek! I've been found out!
      Oh well, now I can read your blog too! Haha!
      Good seeing you guys yesterday - we had a blast! :0)