Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - Inaugural Post!

--- 1 ---
Ok, WAY new to this whole Quick Takes Friday thing (though I've enjoyed reading them since I've been regularly reading others' blogs - for all of the last few months). And pretty darn new to this whole blogging thing (think: here comes Angeline's post #5!!!) I've been looking forward to writing my own Quick Takes all week!
--- 2 ---
This is the first morning in I don't know how long that I voluntarily got out of bed before either of my children. Now that's just weird. I think I'm overly excited about the kitchen playset I saw being unloaded into the neighbor's garage last night (garage sale!!!) and want to get a jump on the early morning crowds (in a town of circa 8,000. Right...) I don't even know what time the darn thing starts, so I've been checking out my window every 15 minutes since about 6:45. (Yup, pretty excited - does it show?!)
--- 3 ---
This whole morning thing is kind of nice so far, though I'm disappointed to hear my 2 year old whimpering upstairs already. (Hmm, may need to go get him up before the 7 month old is adversely affected.)
--- 4 ---
I've already made coffee, prepared the zucchini and started steaming it for baby's very own custom-made baby food! Yea! There's something about DIY that makes everything better. (As to whether my little darling agrees about the flavor of zucchini, is yet to be seen. But I like it, so I'm sure she will too, right? Right...)
--- 5 ---
The sun is brightly shining, and the wind gently rustling through the brand-new leaves on the maples outside (we're a northern crowd, up here!) and it looks like it'll be a gorgeous day! Big plans for getting out of the house, First Friday Mass, and running some errands and provided the sanctity of the nap schedule is respected, it's looking like a wonderful day ahead! (No, I'm not typically this cheery this early - definite night owl - or at least I am when I'm getting enough sleep in general - which has not been for probably about 3 years...) Whee!
--- 6 ---
If you've never read Divine Mercy in My Soul by St. Faustina, I HIGHLY recommend it! It's the best romance novel I've ever read (ok, not sure I've read any actual romance novels...) and the best part of all, is it's a story that belongs to each and every one of us! Some of the things Jesus says will have your heart pounding. Go figure, the author of my soul is also the most romantic man on earth! (And in heaven!)

 (Who starts a garage sale at 7:45 am??) 

(And a Thomas the Tank Engine for 25 cents! My little guy will be so pumped!!! Too bad his birthday isn't for another 7 months... Guess we'll have to hand it over "just because.")

--- 7 ---
Both kids are now up, complete with two poopy diapers and little dude has once again removed all clothing (except his diaper, Thanks be to God!), but it's still looking to be the best day EVER and it's only 8 am. (Maybe there's something to this morning thing. Assuming I'm not falling over tired this afternoon.)

I forgot to drink my coffee.

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