Friday, August 17, 2012

Crochet Your Own: Dish Towel Ring - Knob Edition

I recently bought a dish towel hanger at the local farmer's market, thinking, finally, I could hang any towel I wanted off the utensil drawer knob right next to the sink, rather than being limited to the two special towels that had loops sewn to the top.  It was great - it had an adorable leaf button to close the top and even came with a cute new towel.  When I got it home, I saw my mistake.  My kitchen has cabinets and drawers exclusively decked out with knobs - no handles.  My new hanger would only work with the towel bar on the fridge, and really, that's just kind of redundant.  So I headed over to my absolute favorite knitting/crochet website, Ravelry  (watch out - it's addicting!!!) to see if I could find some instructions for making my own, knob-friendly hanger.
Farmer's Market Find - cute but not quite working

 Guess what.

They ALL required handles.

So I'm no dunce. 
I figure, hey, I'll finagle my own.

Dish Towel Ring - Knob Edition
Worsted weight dish-towel cotton yarn.  (I used Peaches & Creme in Avocado)
Size U.S. H/8 crochet hook

1.  Make a ring about 2 to 2 1/2 inches across by looping the yarn around your fingers a few times.  (This one was 2 1/2" - next time I may go with a smaller 2" loop to minimize sagging.)  Then, without cutting the yarn, pull a loop from back to front and make a slip stitch around your ring.

2.  Ch 3 (will be your first dc) and dc around your ring - it will take approximately 45-50 to cover it all the way around.  You want the original yarn loops to be covered, but not be so packed that the ring bunches out of it's perfect circular shape.  Then slip st it closed through the original ch 3.

3.  From here, we'll make the loop that goes over your cabinet or drawer knob.  Ch 10, then sl st to the same ch 3 you started from.  (Here I recommend that you "try it on for size" - just to make sure your finished hanger will fit over your knob.  If it's too small, you just add a few more ch - too big, pull a few out.)

4.  Ch 2 (your first sc) and proceed to cover this second ring with sc - approximately 15-17.  Again, you want your chain covered, but the ring to lie flat.  When you get back to the base of your upper ring, sl st it to the nearest dc of the big ring. 

5.  Then sc in each dc around the big ring and sl st in the first sc of the knob ring.  Cut your yarn, tie in your end, et voila!
Jelly Bean "helping"


  1. Nice! I just leave all my towels laying around on the counter. And then when I can't remember if they are clean I throw them in the hamper and get out a new one. I do a lot of laundry...ha!

  2. Thanks so much! Just what I was looking for!!


  3. I was about ready to design my own KNOB towel holder, then I found this on Ravelry! Thank you!

  4. You have the cutest towel toppers! Love them! Have you considered doing a topper with an Owl? I know you could come up with a winner. Please think about it.

  5. This is a nice idea for people who don't have or want to hang it on a stove or oven handle. This way you can hang on a knob. I made one similar but with a small plastic ring on top and a larger one on the bottom so it would not stretch out. If you like I can send you a picture. Jennifer