Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Quick, Quick (Procrastination) Edition

--- 1 ---
Guess what!  I'm a published crochet designer!  Doesn't that sound all fancy?
It's a very simple design for a very simple function that took all of 20 minutes to design and create, and it's published on my very own blog - with a listing on Ravelry.  So, that counts, right?

--- 2 ---
I'm once again blogging when I should be balancing the checkbook, but I tend to get more done on days I blog, so that's my justification.  Somehow I'm more productive when I've contribution something to the wider world.  Sharing is good for you!

--- 3 ---
My parents left this morning after coming about a week ago at VERY short notice.  Fortunately my health issue relapse wasn't as serious or long-lived as last time.  Or maybe we just caught it faster (no more ER visits for me - they don't help!) It's nice to know you have "people" - loved ones who will drop everything to come help you with a house and two crazy kids (i.e. both under 3 and in diapers) when you need them.  Special thanks to both my parents and my in-laws who were all there for us this round and in June when the issue first came up.

--- 4 ---
It's overwhelming trying to get caught up after having "company" for a while - there are so many things that get put off while you're busy enjoying them.  Like the checkbook.

--- 5 ---
This "putting things off" was especially extended this time around - we'd only just been getting back into the swing of things from our celebratory Anniversary weekend when I got sick this time.  Happy 4 years together, Honey!
Ok, so this is us on our 3rd Anniversrary...  details.

--- 6 ---
Look how much we've done in those short 4 years: We started a small business, bought a house, had a baby boy, had a baby girl, and paid off all our debts (well, except the mortgage - good-bye student loans!)
Our best accomplishments

 --- 7 ---
 Speaking of things financial - time to battle balance that checkbook.

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