Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"These are a few of my Favorite Things..."

No, The Sound of Music itself can not be counted among one of my favorite things, though I have participated in a production of it (maybe two - why can't I remember??), which depending on the scene I was either Mother Abbess (we always joked about the type-casting in high school) or running off behind the scenery to the pit to play piano - guess we were a little short in the keyboard department.  In fact, when we nuns weren't hanging out in our "do-rags" and making jokes about fishnet stockings, we were calling it "The Sound of Mucus".  Thank goodness we were just a bunch of high school girls with no predilection to a religious vocation - a real Mother Abbess would think she had much worse than a whole gang of Marias on her hands.
But anyway, my last whimpering post is not in the mood or mindset that I'm looking to promote, whether on this blog or in my own life.  So, I'd like to offer this little clip-show of lovely things that have been going on behind the scenes, if only to remind myself just how blessed we've been between typing sessions.

Darnit!  Now that song is stuck in my head...

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