Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trouble labeling... and concentrating. {p.h.f.r}

Had a heck of a time deciding which blurb to put under each heading.  Can't concentrate.  Must be the HEAT!


This is what I'm planning on making for Jelly Bean's 1-year old pictures.  Already got my fabric picked out - it's a beautiful watercolor-y rose print in magentas, pinks and yellows.  Still trying to decide on the contrasting fabric - pink, yellow or maybe both, and pink and yellow tulle.  So girly!  (Hopefully I won't drive her to refuse skirts and dresses later on - I have gone pretty crazy with all things girly in her life!)

If you just have to make one of your own (can't blame ya there!) the directions can be found at


Now how is that anything but delightful???
(Just ignore the bread machine running in the background.)


 "Mama and Daddy kissing?"
My son's voice just came out of the blue.  He was pointing at our wedding portrait on the wall.
"In the church?" 
 "Yes, honey."

Where does he get this stuff?  Recently, my husband reported that he took the two rubber ducks from this years Easter baskets (his is green, Jelly Bean's is pink) and squished their bills together and exclaimed "Mama and Daddy!" 
(I just wanted to know if I was the pink one or the green one.)

Currently he's howling in a theft-induced time-out:  "Brown sugar please!!! Brown sugar Please!!!  Mama, BROWN SUGAR!  BROWN SUGAR!!!  ::pause::  How 'bout a cookie?"  What do you say to that?  The answer's obviously going to be "No" - especially when helping himself to brown sugar is what landed him in time out.  But it's really hard not to laugh!


Challenge of the day:  What to do with a head of cabbage.  AKA Why does my husband hate coleslaw?

Or maybe it was trying to figure out a good layout for our family room with 3 recliners, an armchair and a decrepit loveseat.  Kind of an awkward assortment.  Especially when the recliners are blue-multi velour-y fabric, brown leather and black leather.  The armchair and loveseat are green velour-y fabric - and (gasp) they MATCH!
Plenty of seating options, but none very desirable for post-kids'-bedtime/movie-watching snuggle time.  We're looking into a futon-y option to solve this, and the guests-sleeping-over problem.  Futon = color customizable!  (What technicolor option can we go with next - something orange, or purple perhaps?)

Something else very much on my mind lately:  Silver Lining posts.  I'm tempted to want to jump right into making it a link-up party, but maybe I should explore this on my own a while.  Also having trouble deciding if this should be a weekly thing, and if so, what day?  Silver Lining Saturday (or Sunday) has a nice ring to it, but what are the odds I'm going to be consistent with a weekend post?  Any thoughts or suggestions?  I'd love to hear them!

Now my easily distracted mind will go back to pondering cabbage options.

round button chicken


  1. Cabbage can be a problem. Do you know about that salad that our family calls crunchy salad? It's a glorified cole slaw that everyone loves, no matter what. Google ramen noodle salad and you will find it in many variations. Just don't use the "flavor packet" in the noodles b/c it's mostly MSG!
    Thanks for joining!

    1. I'll definitely have to look into that! (Cabbage is STILL in the fridge...) Thanks! :0)